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Many people today aspire to become successful property investors. However most of them end up not having any real investments. Before long, they become gamblers of the property market – buying properties only to leave the fate of their investments to lady luck.

Now if luck is on their side, then perhaps a couple of their investments will manage to hit the jackpot. But if luck chooses to not side with them, then they stand to incur significant losses. .

What led investors to become gamblers?

The main reason is most people who sell properties to investors just do it for the sake of selling it and not because the property has potential to become a good investment.

In fact, in a recent discussion with a potential property marketer, she too agreed that there are apartments in the inner cities that are highly affordable and better suited for investors than for those who are looking for a place to stay.

This matter gets worse when the people selling these properties such as property investment and wealth creation companies truly believe they are helping the investors, only to achieve the opposite results.

At the end of it, when you as an investor invest in the wrong properties, particularly those that do not show any equity or positive cash flow in the long run, you can incur huge debts as well. This is insanity to say the least.

So how is this situation any different from gambling?

Gambling by betting money on a racing horse and buying the wrong property both have the potential to lose large amounts of money. Thus, both situations are not too different from each other.

The way to avoid this situation from happening is through independent advice companies, capable of providing quality researched information.

Unlike property investment and wealth creation companies, independent advice companies do not provide misleading information and inaccurate date with the intention to sell property and promote certain developers.

Independent advice companies also do not package the property investments around the aesthetics of the property such as the design aspects, nearby facilities, and the furniture that comes along with the property. Rather, they provide solid information, including economic indicators, property layout, and demographics.

A final note.

This brings me back to my previous webinars. I mentioned that investing in properties will offer you greater returns as compared to betting on a racing horse. But with the wrong advice, you can never achieve a high return.

Run a good and comprehensive research with an independent advice company and watch your investments increase by twofold or more within 5 years’ time. Achieve your goals to be a successful property investor at a fraction of the time.