What’s in common between Doctors and Barristers when it comes to investment decisions TW

Since young age, we are being told that the dream of every Chinese/Jewish/Polish/Aussie/Indian/other (circle the correct answer) mother, is to see her son or daughter become a Doctor or Lawyer. What is it about those professions that bring so much pride in the heart of our dear mothers?

We could even debate who brings more pride to mum: doctors or a barristers, by raising the following questions:

  • Who works harder?
  • Who should get paid more?
  • Whose job is most important?

Well…. I guess both doctors and lawyers must take their work home at night, and that after so many years of school and practice they both deserve a decent and above average income, and that both jobs are important and necessary for our society. And so I won’t get in trouble with some of my clients, I’ll leave the debate at that…

Instead I would like to discuss in this blog post, a similar trait that I come across time after time with my many doctors or lawyers clients (and other hard working, well paid, smart people who take their work home at night….) and I am going to take a risk and make a bold statement:

Many high-income, educated, smart, caring and busy people (who take their work home at night) also irresponsibly neglect and risk their own financial future!

What I find over and over again, are great people who are so busy, so tired, and so often thinking and caring about others 24/7, that they simply forget or just don’t have the time to pause and think about themselves for a change, especially about their own financial future.

I often see that such professionals feel that job stability would last for ever and generate perpetual income, until they realize that it’s often not the case as with many other professions that are based on the ability to focus and work long hours. When doctors and lawyers in their mid 50’s decide that it’s finally time to slow down their roller-coaster of a career and start enjoying life’s treats (including real roller-coasters), it’s when they realize that they can’t stop that crazy pace without risking their retirement plans, they then face the harsh really which includes many more years, of bringing work home, to come.

If they only had the time to think about it earlier, and plan their retirement well in advance for example by smartly investing in the property market, they would have been able to slow down and even retire at a much earlier age.

Investing in properties with proper guidance, could feel like a walk in the park compared to the complexity of a brain surgery or a most complex litigation, but yet many doctors and barristers feel that it’s a most complicated and even scary process. When I sit down for the first time in a face-to-face with my new clients, I often feel their fear at the beginning of the meeting, and there is nothing more satisfying in my job, than to see how the fear fades and transforms into sheer excitement when the ideas of becoming a multi-property investor, early retirement and financial independence at a relatively early age, becomes realistic and tangible. As a property strategist and advisor, I am here to provide motivation and inspiration, to achieve their full potential as investors and meet their goals.

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