In 2008, the world experienced the start of a significant contraction (GFC), led by the collapse of the housing market, extending to bank collapses in the United States and Europe. This contraction resulted in bank failures, bankruptcies, foreclosures, and the subsequent failure of entire industries.

While I would prefer to experience economic expansion, of course, the reality is that we have always done better during periods of contraction—as funny as that might seem.

It’s a bit of an odd phenomenon, but some people actually perform better when challenged because it triggers their need to survive and stimulates higher levels of performance.

This challenge, in turn, causes them to become more creative in the marketplace and more productive when others are throwing in the towel.

So, don’t be hopeless right now, even with the economy shutting down.

Contractions are not the end of the world; you can succeed regardless of the state of the economy.

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Understand also that economic contractions don’t last forever. Those who don’t quit but instead dig in and get through them will come out the other side with a better work ethic, increased customer base, portfolio expansion and a more significant piece of the market.

Remember that when you face a problem, it’s an opportunity in disguise.

Use this month to invest in yourself and your future!

Our expertise is property and development investment, and we hold the right formula to win in every market position.

It’s not a secret that all of us need a place to live and work. Therefore, Real estate is a safe bet. Also, other channels as shares if you are liquid and have the patient to wait and absorb a few falls, next year, you might double your money. This is the opportunity when everything falls.

In term of property investment, please do not get confused. You can’t buy every asset and wish to do good over the longterm. Especially today, it’s critical to validate your purchase or future asset’s Risk & Return to get 100% confidence that it will perform and next year you can increase your equity.

The formula is simple, buy a good asset and hold on to it. But run risk research first to make sure you can enjoy growth and not only after 15-20 years.

Speak with us to understand more about Risk research and how it can works for you.

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