There are good solid opportunities in any market conditions. Hot market and downturn, but most of us make mistakes by listening to real estate sellers that hide behind a costume of intelligent or rich investment advisors, research groups that are not independent with conflict of interest, and those who can’t trust buyers’ agents or want free stuff and just doing the wrong research.

The problem is obvious, but if you are told to aim for the long term to compensate for the downturn or the above mistakes, it’s ok, as real estate usually grows slowly, and your mistakes will become sweet over time. However, it’s not the most sophisticated strategy, and with most deals and Biased research and statistics, you will have a long time to wait, sometimes 20-25 years, to make a simple 20% growth. I’m afraid that’s not right, and in case your circumstances change or you need to sell, you will lose money.

There is another considerable risk if you sit on the fence and do nothing!

The best time to invest was yesterday, and again if you did not target the right property, the preferred asset class with the preferred number of bedrooms and the right location, maybe it is better if you sit on the fence or contact us to understand where and what property to buy with your budget and your circumstances.

You don’t have to call us if you know what to do and have time to research, but you must do a solid property and suburb risk analysis.

Our study aims at a property that associates with low equity and cash flow risk that translates to capital growth and cancels the risk of losing money at any time, especially in short to medium term, and obviously, we can say significant stretch over the long term. This scenario is what we want when considering investing in the first place! We do not buy properties because they have a north-facing balcony, amazing photos on the brochure or promises of potential new infrastructure nearby.

We purchase an investment asset to make money at every point of time and significant acceleration. It should be the only focus!