Types Of Property Spruikers

Previously, I talked about the definition of a property spruiker and why we must avoid them entirely. A quick recap is property spruikers usually use excessive manipulation on the audience during a seminar or face-to-face meeting in order to advertise or sell a particular property. They typically share inspirational success stories or paint a negative [...]

Money, Goals and Substantial Property Investment

Making investment and financial goals can be easy. Following through the plan may not as easy as it seems. You need to make an effort to achieve those goals. It may take a couple of years with no returns, but eventually, you will see the fruits of your labour. A perfect analogy to describe this [...]

How Much Will Australian Properties Grow in the Next 40 years?

Wondering how much Australian property prices will grow in the next 40 years? A good yardstick is to examine how much Australian property prices have grown in the past 40 years. This will give you a glimpse into the future as to where prices may go. Australian property prices have historically doubled every 10 years [...]

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