How to run risk-management on your property?

Some of you already read my previous articles and got a sense of risk management and why it's so critical if you didn't, please visit or download the property report from the home page. If you have experience and don't need our support with the buyers' advocacy to help you find your next real estate; if [...]

Do You Want To Lose Money Or Make A Fortune?

Legendary investor, Warren Buffett, once famously said, “The first rule of investing is ‘Never lose money’. The second rule is ‘Never forget rule number one’”. He also said, “Never invest in anything with the idea it is okay to lose money." In the context of real estate investment, when you buy real estate that produces [...]

Risk Management: Make More With Less Risks

I have always insisted that investors should take risk management seriously. This is mainly because this simple process can make a huge difference to your next purchase. Plus it helps you to identify potential property spruikers. It is a fact that property investment is all about risks and if you wait long enough, you can [...]

Types Of Property Spruikers

Previously, I talked about the definition of a property spruiker and why we must avoid them entirely. A quick recap is property spruikers usually use excessive manipulation on the audience during a seminar or face-to-face meeting in order to advertise or sell a particular property. They typically share inspirational success stories or paint a negative [...]

Cash Flow Or Capital Growth, Which Is The Better Option?

Most of us would agree that property investment often guarantees sustainable income. As we all know, if a property is acquired and is well managed over the years, the rental income will surely increase, making your investments profitable. In this context, cash flow is fundamental. The in-depth review by RiskWise has also established that investing [...]

Why is Buying Real Estate So Confusing These Days?

Buying real estate can be confusing and intimidating. From finding the best property to making it through the buying process, it can get overwhelming. And this makes perfect sense because real estate is expensive and we need to be extra careful to ensure our investments will be profitable in the years to come. As investors, [...]

Money, Goals and Substantial Property Investment

Making investment and financial goals can be easy. Following through the plan may not as easy as it seems. You need to make an effort to achieve those goals. It may take a couple of years with no returns, but eventually, you will see the fruits of your labour. A perfect analogy to describe this [...]

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