Why is Buying Real Estate So Confusing These Days?

Buying real estate can be confusing and intimidating. From finding the best property to making it through the buying process, it can get overwhelming. And this makes perfect sense because real estate is expensive and we need to be extra careful to ensure our investments will be profitable in the years to come. As investors, [...]

Can New Infrastructure be Good News for Investors?

I start with this breaking news from the Herald Sun - dated 28 August 2018: Breaking: Underground train plan to connect Melbourne’s suburbs and airport. The proposed 90km suburban rail loop is an excellent plan to improve the commute of people in Melbourne, between suburbs and to the airport, adding value to the most "livable [...]

Should You Invest Right Now or Wait for a Better Time?

Investment used to be associated with those with high income or accumulated wealth. Nowadays, that is not the case. The rising cost of living no longer allows us to live comfortably with a minimum wage. As a result, investment has become increasingly relevant for most of us. Rather than a want, there is a strong [...]

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