Where to Invest in Property: Best Suburbs for Growth

The Australian property boom is over…but here’s where you can find bargains. The best suburbs in Australia to invest in property revealed - where owners can expect good growth despite prices slowing down House prices are stabilising after months of exceptional price growth, especially in Sydney Where do the good deals exist for the housing [...]

Benefits Of Investing In Property Over Other Asset Classes

Property values have skyrocketed in the past few years in Australia. While that can be attributed to a large number of factors, one of the most important of them is that more and more investors are realising the benefits of investing in property over other asset classes. So why is property fast becoming the darling [...]

Benefits of Investing in New Properties Vs Old Properties

There is much debate, and often much confusion when it comes to choosing between new and old properties. In this article, I hope to highlight the pros of investing in new properties vs old properties. For many property investors, they like to invest in old properties because they appear cheaper. There's also potential to add [...]

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