5 Lessons Your Children Must Know

We are investors that walk on the wealth path. This path is not a straightforward way or convenience, but we do it to achieve a better outcome for future life security. We should not forget that our family and especially our kids, must follow the same vital wealth principals too. Below you can find five [...]

Cash Flow Or Capital Growth, Which Is The Better Option?

Most of us would agree that property investment often guarantees sustainable income. As we all know, if a property is acquired and is well managed over the years, the rental income will surely increase, making your investments profitable. In this context, cash flow is fundamental. The in-depth review by RiskWise has also established that investing [...]

What Is A Property Spruiker And Why You Should Avoid Them Completely

In a nutshell, a property spruiker is someone who uses excessive emotional manipulation when it comes to advertising something concerning property investment. Most of the time, property spruikers would relate personal stories such as how someone had made a great deal of money through property investment. Different types of emotional manipulation techniques are applied during [...]

Investment Lessons from a Farmer

Having a long term investment is similar to a farmer having to take care of his crops. Whether you begin from planting a seed or a young tree, it takes time for it to grow into a bountiful harvest. Apart from time, you also need a lot of patience and make necessary steps to ensure [...]

6 Rules for Creating Money

Put money into your savings fund each month This is the one rule that everyone should abide to. The amount doesn’t have to be a lot. In fact, it has to be a figure you can commit to each month - in which case, at least 10% of your income. The key here is consistency [...]

Value Investing in Australian Property Using Warren Buffett’s Methods

To most, Warren Buffett's investment strategy is a mythical ideology. It’s astounding to note that a $1,000 investment in Berkshire Hathaway—Buffett’s investment company—in 1965 is now worth $15.3 million ! (adjusted for inflation with dividends included, at a compounded annual gain of 20.8 percent). In comparison, the same amount invested in the S&P 500 would [...]

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