About Sydney Property Investment Seminars

Catering for all levels of property investors

  • Expert speakers: property investors, strategists and property research specialists.
  • Property investment strategies that minimise risk and maximise profit.
  • Latest property market research.

The presentations are fully informative and focus on the current property market hotspots and tells why we place our investments in those places. The intention of the seminar is to give the investor audience, good pointers in where they can make money and even tipple or more their ROI (Return of investment).

The property market in Australia in all capital cities regions grow constantly in an average of 7.2% and doubles in average every 10 years, and people that understand how to use this systematic market move can make a lot of money. This is achievable for many of us through the right strategy and a unique proven system. 

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Past Seminars:

Seminar Info

17th of Feb (Tuesday), 6:30pm –8pm to get the latest facts and figures of today’s market!

At this event you will discover:

  • What investing lessons can we learn from what happened in 2014?
  • Which property markets are set for strong growth in 2015?
  • What can I buy with my limited funds in today’s hot Australia market?
  • Why is choosing “Affordable Properties” so important for investors?

Venue: Suite 501, 74-76 Burwood Rd, Burwood

About the speaker 

Brendan Smith

Brendan Smith
Group Research Manager

A 20 year career with State government, specialising in strategic research and reporting, gives Brendan an invaluable perspective when developing Ironfish’ unique market research products. These products look beyond weekly property sales data to factor in the influences of social, environmental and government policy trends. As Group Research Manager, Brendan also runs all project specific research across Australia’s major metropolitan markets. His forward focused research approach is engaging and thought provoking, which has made him a much sought after speaker throughout Australia.

property investment seminars

property investment seminars