Big News from Sydney for Property Investors

According to The Daily Telegraph, SYDNEY is facing a housing crisis with a staggering 190,000 shortfall in homes needed to house the growing population over the next 10 years.

According to an exclusive report obtained by The Daily Telegraph it was revealed:

“Sydney councils have failed to approve new dwellings fast enough to meet demand, and were now partly responsible for the sharp rise in up home prices in Sydney.”

news for property investors

A two storey residential brick house building in Sydney Australia

Massive Opportunity for Investors

However the above is great news for property investors in Sydney Australia, as demand for new dwellings is huge and will continue to grow even further in the next cycle. Which all translates into high yields and massive capital growth for investors.

“If we fail to keep pace with demand, we drive up prices and make housing less affordable for the next generation of homebuyers.”

The greatest shortfalls have occurred in central Sydney, the city’s north east, inner west and central west, the Property Council report said.

For the full story Sydney housing crisis on the horizon: 190,000 homes needed over the next decade – Miles Godfrey, The Daily Telegraph, February 24, 2015