I often get confused with the media news. The line is fragile between a hot market and a cold market.

Just a while ago, we could see thousands of real estate advertisements and promotions together with the media news to “hurry up for not missing out if you want to have good growth”, and people were queuing up. We could still see hot spots rising in June with the same advertisements.

Today is the 4th of August, and it is not so far away into the future. It’s just the wintertime, which is cold and gloomy, and usually the market is still sleepy before September’s spring. We can see horror media news about the Cold Market and the combination of the world’ recession’ period and yesterday’s money rate increase. And also, not surprisingly, real estate advertisements and promotions about the best opportunity to invest in a cold market when everything is down.

So I am a bit confused as I believe you are as well!

People tend to forget even on a monthly base. Similar to the past, mortgage interest rates of about 5%, which was quite normal. Check also the latest article – It’s amazing how we tend to forget past events.

I believe that it just doesn’t matter When we buy.

We will always have opportunities, and we will always hear salespeople changing their pitch based on the season, and it will just make sense to us. Funny enough, even investors with objections to a cold market will have the same misgivings a month later in a Hot market.

It will be a good time to invest if you aim for the long term, but you need to know what you do and how to do the right due diligence.

Over the long term, whatever the market conditions, COVID, GFC, Bush fires, or recession, the Real estate will most likely appreciate. Take the Sydney famous Oaks Hotel in Natural Bay, which is up to sell for 175 million dollars; The Thomas family bought the place relatively cheap in 1975, and you can see the considerable huge number after approximately 50 years of holding time. Of course, this is a substantial commercial business, but it represents the same long-term approach.

Apart from a long-term approach, you must buy well and target shorter time frames and solid profits along the path, potentially every year. Buying well with a ‘knowing’ strategy can give your long-term investment the most likelihood of significant equity and returns in any market.

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