Making investment and financial goals can be easy. Following through the plan may not as easy as it seems. You need to make an effort to achieve those goals. It may take a couple of years with no returns, but eventually, you will see the fruits of your labour.

A perfect analogy to describe this situation is to imagine yourself climbing a mountain. Climbing a mountain can feel hard at first and you may even have doubts about making the climb. But when you reach to the top, there is a surreal feeling and it becomes evident to you why you made the effort. The difficulties that you felt earlier, somehow disappear and you only want to enjoy the moment.

If you have not made any goals, here are my recommendations:

Put some money into your investment fund or your offset and loan account even if it is not a lot.

For starters, you can put 2% or 5% to build a compounding fund.

As the months progress and you are more comfortable with the amount and present arrangements, aim to increase your savings to at least 10% of your income.

Saving is crucial, and you need to keep saving as a routine.

Remember the climbing the mountain analogy? At first, it will look insignificant or even hard for some of us to make saving into a habit. But this simple act is vital to support your freedom fund.

Make small adjustments if one month is hard to keep up. The more you save, the higher the compounding effect and the returns you stand to get out of it.

Be realistic with your goals.

Generate enough money from an investment that will cover your essential monthly bills such as monthly rent, electricity, mortgage, food and transport, as well as extra to improve your lifestyle.

Ensure that you are able to achieve absolute financial freedom to secure your future, meaning that you can live entirely on compounding interest and that you will have the ability to help your family, your children and the next generations without having to work and earn money actively.

Diversify your investment.

Set a benchmark to diversify your investment in different financial products that have a low degree of risk. Try real estate, shares, and equity bonds or expand real estate between regions and asset class configuration products to mitigate the risk further.

Do not fall for investment myths.

Always do your homework and research the best locations for your cash to grow. Any talks about investment without substantial evidence should instantly set off alarm bells.

One particular example is if the sales consultant only praises about the investment and tells you to reserve the property on the spot, you should not jump to sign the deal.

Generally, sellers and investment firms have a vast interest in the deal, so unless you have done your homework and are well prepared, you should remain cautious about your investments.

Find what you need for yourself.

Seek for a person or advisor that can serve your interest and help you with individual and risk management research to back you up.

One type of expert is an entirely independent firm that does not have any interest on property sales – Riskwise. The company uses a future-view approach to the market and is the only company that drills down to the individual property level up to the state level to provide the best decision-making tools around uncertainty.

When you receive their report, you can trust it fully, and you can learn how to buy and invest by yourself based on their input. It will save you 80% of your time and effort from having to make the research on your own.

The other 20% you will have to learn from buyer agents that use a risk and return methodology. Base on the individual report they will narrow it down to critical asset risk elements such as layout, family configuration demand, house position on the ground, condition and more. They will find the right asset for you to invest in and after one or two trials you can continue on your own.

By choosing independent advice and risk management, you can be sure that your entire portfolio with its diversification will associate with low equity risk and be highly rewarded.

In a nutshell, do not take for granted any exciting property news, do not believe in myths or blindly follow other professionals experts who have a vast interest in the deal.

Follow the above list of goals and you can protect, save and increase your money to reach your ultimate goals.