The purpose of this video is to distribute the message of Investinproperties and also to emphasis the simplicity and the logic that we put in real property investing.

The is no real SECRET, and I don’t hold a CRYSTAL BALL either. However, the philosophy is to know what you are doing and do it right, instead of speculating the long-run growth.

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Hoping was my major mistake when I started my property investment journey. I based my purchases arguments on real estate sellers’ average marketing researches and past statistics, which led me blind with a big dream that comes with a massive long term gain expectation.

Long term means that someday in the unknown future, the asset might grow or double and fulfil your wealth goals. Hoping is not the case, and it’s not a very smart investing approach which unfortunately widespread these days in Australia.

We have no time to lose a property cycle or even two cycles with total growth of 15 or 30%. We want to be able to achieve a yearly growth or solid equity acceleration in a property cycle of 7-10 years. An asset that has the likelihood to gain at least 60% or 80% capital growth and can duplicate or tipple the percentages result in the 2nd cycle.

If we don’t do it, what’s the point of talking with professionals about investing! Just go to a real estate agency and buy something, don’t waste your time nourishing your mind with financial freedom talks, with the portfolio approach and with marketers researches influence. Instead, take the same budget and invest in something that will genuinely have the most chances with minimal risk to meet your goals. Know, don’t hope!

With more than ten years of experience as an investor and a property professional, past mistakes and the current successes, I realised that any property, even the most attractive apartment with Waterview near a CBD location should include risk analysis, thoroughly research with always an independent opinion.

What does it mean? Each asset that I detect better to carry a minimal risk only! Low equity risk and low cash flow risk!

When I scan locations across Australia, there are suburbs and specific asset-class with a particular configuration that keep their value.
More than that, those assets kept performing even in the COVID-19 and the past 1-2 years when the market was challenging.

With a proper risk-return validation, we can always know with confidence that every property we buy, will have the highest likelihood to generate good returns and substantial capital growth even in the downturn market.

The differences are enormous if you compare low equity risk assets performance to average assets that were bought without proper analysis.

I can help you continue building a significant property portfolio that can profit with a more sophisticated system and a logical philosophy.

If you are ready and want to move on, I don’t see any reason why you won’t contact me immediately.

If you have any feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact me.