Investing in properties is like skydiving…it can provide exhilarating returns, but it can also be very dangerous without a good instructor.

Invest in Properties will coach you to navigate pass the dangers of real estate investing, while helping you achieve exciting returns by following a proven system of investing through our Buyers advocacy.

Yaron Gal
Yaron GalFounder

Yaron Gal

Buyers Advocate and Founder of Invest in Properties Pty Ltd

In 2008 Yaron Gal was headhunted by a prominent Australian IT Company to relocate as a migrant to Australia to manage their technical services department – an opportunity he couldn’t resist!

After arriving in Australia, he immediately began to research the property market and wealth creation strategies and bought his first Australian property in Sydney Lower North Shore. A turning point for him was attending an educational property investment and development weekend workshop.

For Yaron, it was a dream move because it allowed him to pursue his dream to move to Australia and at the same time to follow his other passion: Property!

Yaron owns an extensive property investment portfolio and a passion for helping others build their wealth portfolio through smart investments and innovative risk management approach.

During the years, he has helped many of his friends, family, old IT colleagues, and thousands of individuals benefit from this property investing system and created his own property consulting firm.

In 2012, Yaron established Invest in Properties platform to evangelise his message and system of property wealth-building to both Australians and overseas investors. In 2016 Yaron added to his buyers’ advocacy business a new data-driven methodology to help investors identify low-risk investments in any market condition and a better-informed decision.

“Three things changed my life; the first was being a goal oriented person who has always been open minded to educating myself about ways to improve my life; the second was property – I realized that I needed to invest and the only way to succeed in property is to speak to other people who are already successful as they obviously know what they are doing. I realized I would never become financially free just working in my job – investment is not an option it is absolutely essential! If you are not sure what to do, then do what I did and talk to someone. The third was innovation – because of my technology background its important to understand the logical behind systems and philosophies, follow the data to make your investment decisions, do not go blindly on emotions.”

Would you like to grow your wealth?

I can help you do that with effective strategies for investing in property.

As a property strategist and a professional in the field, I can help you tailor a strategy to your individual circumstances. Together we will identify opportunities to help you build an extensive and quality investment property portfolio.

My access to ongoing research, trends and forecasts allows me to get the big picture for the Australian property market. You will benefit from the broad knowledge available to me.

My focus and passion is to provide a one-on-one personal guidance to each investor and give precise recommendations based on complex analytics.

Myself and the entire Invest in Properties team behind me, will focus on helping you march confidently on this journey while you are busy with your life routine to fulfil your number one priority and reach your full potential.

Now, I’m offering you the same opportunity!