COVID-19 impacted the economy and people’s state of mind.

We always discuss the property wealth path and the portfolio approach to protect our retirement, but more. So, what’s happened?

People forgot their dreams and goals in terms of wealth and properties, and although we are in the opportunistic market, we still do not dare to move forward and structure the plan to the best performance.

It is true that people lost their jobs and businesses or had a significant cut in their income and those people should indeed consolidate their assets; money and investments and rethink how to progress. Other people that had a reduction in their standard of living, but still can maintain a healthy life with minimal limitations can continue with their plan.

The bottom line is that although it is hard and nobody can forecast the end, eventually Covid-19 will be history. Other epidemics will rise; natural disasters, firestorms, battles between extremist that will ruin countries and more, However, the land value and real estate, in general, will be a significant source of protection and it will never change.

Currently, as the fear exists with some closures and second wave, prices are low in general, which is an opportunity.

Whatever happens tomorrow, in 6 months or 24 months, we will have the chance to grow its value. It will not happen if we will be out of the game and watch from the sidelines.

It happened before when Australia faced severe bushfires, and all the country was not a desirable place anymore with black clouds of pollution above us.

It happened in 2008 when the world faced the GFC which hit even Australia, and indeed median prices went down. The positive point that we see in every opportunistic market is that those who kept their assets which didn’t seem to be so desirable did well 2 years after in 2010, and exceptionally well in 2013. They were in the game, so they did not miss the opportunity. Those that let their fear to control them had to talk with their friends that they wish to be in the market a few years back, always the hindsight side.


As you see, a lot of investors and homeowners made money as they got the advantage of the downturn event and were patient to wait. 5–7% of those investors extended their property portfolio to more than 3 -4 assets and double or triple their equity and reached to the end line.

The above is the theory of smart investment and understanding where to get in. However, don’t get me wrong; not all the investors achieved wealth after the GFC or will make money after the virus is gone.

So how we can forecast our properties’ future? 

Any market, whether it’s HOT, at the Lowest level, can achieve excellent results, can do just OK or not grow at all. This is the nature of the investment, and this is the reason we want to diversify our property portfolio to minimize risks.

However, there are a few more critical things that we must consider and fall in the individual asset risk mitigation.

You must understand, not all properties will go up equally, similar to shares in the stock market. Over the long, long hall, yes, but we can understand pretty well if we will do well when we know how to mitigate the property risk. We will see if it is a good investment when we know things nobody exposed to us and in the starting point if we get rid of the hope strategy which drives from emotion or hard sale persuading.

We made additional improvements and changed the buying process and accumulating assets for a stable property portfolio.

There is only one way to validate property success in every market and even today During the COVID reality. Still, we do not have a crystal ball, but our client’s base property purchases growth results speak for themselves and of course, the risk management system that has the most advanced research and detection.

Contact us if you are interested in asking how we can mitigate Property risks and add value to your next asset.


Check, if you can challenge us.

Due to the current situation with COVID-19, we reduce the reports price to the lowest of only $25.

Come with a property address you purchased anywhere in Australia even in the far past, any asset class or any product as established or Off the plan (New) that you think it has a promising future. We will analyze the property and location with low resolution and will come back to you with a property report and a short review. It will also give you the chance to pick in the first phase of the risk research validation, which is genuinely independent.