How to run risk-management on your property?

Some of you already read my previous articles and got a sense of risk management and why it’s so critical if you didn’t, please visit or download the property report from the home page.

If you have experience and don’t need our support with the buyers’ advocacy to help you find your next real estate; if you have a current property or properties and you wish to understand how it is likely to perform and want to get more accurate risk validation to plan your property portfolio goals, then start by scheduling a risk review on your assets.

The report can be generated within a few hours and up to 24 hours for only $55.  55 is a small amount when you are going to spend hundreds of thousands on a property; however, you will understand very well if the property is a good deal or not. You can also know if the property that you own or live in will be the right one to keep in your portfolio and when it is likely to perform.

For those who have the budget to appoint a buyers advocate and like to get right to the bottom of the subject, we can help to scan Australia market and each residential property and detect the lowest equity risk that is the most likely to generate for you high returns. In this case, a full property service will be the solution instead of trial and error.

If you have time and own a property or you are about to purchase a property, it is very critical to get a proper risk analysis report to make a better-informed decision.

Current reports and statistics that exist in Australia are too generic and usually use past statistics to project the future, some of them include non-relevant photos or beautiful graphs to increase buyers’ emotions; this is not the right way to go.  Most of the reports use median figures to project a specific property growth which doesn’t relate to the property itself. Those generic reports do not take into account land size, asset size, asset class, configuration, school catchment, supply and demand etc., which doesn’t give the best results and make more confusion than a solid statement that associates with a specific property.

To get the report, email us to with the subject: Risk Report and NAME

  • Put in the body of the email your full name, contact number.
  • Add the property address and the sale price. If it’s only a guideline, then write the guideline price that was suggested by the agent.
  • Write the minimum rental income that you can generate from this property.  If you live in that home or don’t know just skip this answer and we will put the suburb median rent for this specific asset class.
  • If this is a unit, add the yearly strata/body cooperate fee.
  • If you can describe in a few words if the property is new, Off the plan, old asset, renovated, poor conditions, average conditions, excellent conditions, nothing to spend etc’
  • Add property configuration such as four bed, two baths, one car
  • Write the asset class type such as House, unit, townhouse, etc..
  • Put the land size if there is.
  • If this is apartment write how many units in the buildings.
  • If there is any particular advantage that you think can help, such as park or water view, or less than 3 min walk from the train station, or in an excellent school catchment, please add.

The risk-return review is not compulsory; however, if you would like to set a 15 min call to review the report together, please mention in the email.

To book a call on your convenient, please visit and select a date and time at the bottom of the page.

We will send the report in PDF format and a Tax Invoice.