Same story as Darling Harbour in Sydney which overtook the CBD in some parts, however, only investors from interstates in both directions had the strong faith that one day this Marina style precinct with water front apartments will grow up enormously once it is transformed.

“The location also attracts a rental premium for investors with apartments within Docklands achieving between 12.5% (two bedroom product) and 23.2% (three bedroom product) over the Inner Melbourne Catchment at March 2014…….”

“……….The residents of Docklands registered a median personal income that was 79% higher than the median personal income registered within Greater Melbourne, acccording to the Census 2011 data.”

Jonathan Chancellor, ThePropertyObserver, Nov’ 2014

In Sydney’s Darling Harbour, we can see today very expensive projects in Baranagroo and so in Docklands, and it’s just beginning. Investors will do phenomenally well in the long term!

Darling Harbour, Sydney

Darling Harbour, Sydney

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Docklands achieving higher apartment prices and rentals than Melbourne CBD

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