About Yaron Gal

Yaron Gal was a Networking and Security technical expert and manager in the IT industry. After much research and study, he developed a system of investing, and he bought more than a handful of properties in the first two years. He became so passionate about the real estate market; particularly investment and wealth management. This gave him the drive to quit his secure job after 13 years in the industry and to establish his own business. He has since helped hundreds of clients grow their wealth utilising this system. Today, InvestinProperties Pty Ltd act as a buyers advocate with a focus on unique property risk research. The result? A powerful, done-for-you system that pinpoints exact locations to buy high growth properties in Australia. A ground-breaking service that's taking the guesswork out of property investing and is transforming the way we should invest in properties.
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The famous Rule of 72 and 2 in Real Estate Investment

"He who understands it, earns it. He who doesn’t, Pays it!" The Rule of 72 Understanding the Rule of 72 and 2 can be invaluable in property investment. The Rule of 72 is a quick calculation to estimate how long it takes for an investment to double in value based on a fixed [...]

Do we need to use the Elliot Wave Theory for Real Estate investment analysis?

Elliot Wave Theory is a technical analysis tool that predicts future price movements in financial markets by identifying repeating wave patterns. While primarily used in the context of trading stocks, currencies, and other financial instruments, it can also be applied, to some extent, to property investment decisions. Here are a few potential similarities and [...]

Yields & Property Exit Strategy

In today's inconstant market environment, gloomy economy, high-interest rates, liquidated building companies, commodity prices increase, and instability in general, we need to think about two questions regarding where we go about property investment. It should be taken into account before any purchase or any other investment. Do I have an exit strategy? Do [...]

The Biggest risk for you is to buy the wrong property!

There are good solid opportunities in any market conditions. Hot market and downturn, but most of us make mistakes by listening to real estate sellers that hide behind a costume of intelligent or rich investment advisors, research groups that are not independent with conflict of interest, and those who can't trust buyers' agents or [...]

How should I do my due diligence for an investment property?

You don't need any advisor or strategist to purchase an investment property! Companies such as CoreLogic, Domain, Real Estate and PropertyValue are some options for researching the property market. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) also has information about figures on building approvals, leading indicators and population.  How should I do my due diligence [...]

Property Confusion – Cold and Hot market

I often get confused with the media news. The line is fragile between a hot market and a cold market. Just a while ago, we could see thousands of real estate advertisements and promotions together with the media news to "hurry up for not missing out if you want to have good growth", and [...]

It’s amazing how we tend to forget critical past events

The severe bush fires in 2019 caused panic and fear for real estate investing, especially close to forests which are approximately everywhere across the continent. Those who invested in real estate made good profits in the past three years.The start of the COVID pandemic stopped people from looking for property because of another fear mainly [...]

Do Not Trust Anyone

A fundamental lesson I learnt from the past investment journey which I thought to share. Do not trust anyone! Your friends, family, and friendly investment property consultants, agents, and direct property suppliers. I am also an advisor and a buyer's agent, and I am not trying to shoot myself in the leg or the [...]

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