About Yaron Gal

Yaron Gal was a Networking and Security technical expert and manager in the IT industry. After much research and study, he developed a system of investing, and he bought more than a handful of properties in the first two years. He became so passionate about the real estate market; particularly investment and wealth management. This gave him the drive to quit his secure job after 13 years in the industry and to establish his own business. He has since helped hundreds of clients grow their wealth utilising this system. Today, InvestinProperties Pty Ltd act as a buyers advocate with a focus on unique property risk research. The result? A powerful, done-for-you system that pinpoints exact locations to buy high growth properties in Australia. A ground-breaking service that's taking the guesswork out of property investing and is transforming the way we should invest in properties.
Don't hold back on your dreams.

Why do we buy property for investment?

It can be argued that real estate is potentially the most lucrative investment It’s common for long term investors’ properties to grow in value across 40 years Real estate can be the most reliable asset if you bought the right property and get consistent returns while holding We can potentially gain more returns from [...]

Should I Buy Low to Make Profit?

When we invest in shares or crypto it’s usually wise to buy when the price is low. Eventually it will go up and you’ll make a profit. Ideally, you would detect a period when the share price is low - making it a bargain, at the same time as identifying a high probability that [...]

Are You Investing? Or Simply Buying a Dream?

I was told a long time ago that it doesn't matter what real estate we buy. Whether it’s a 1 bed, 3 bed, water view, no view, ground level, 10th level, 40m2 or 500m2 etc. every real estate will eventually grow in value over time. I was told, ‘just be patient’ and wait for the [...]

Property is a Risky Business for the Uninformed

With an ever-changing real estate landscape, risk assessment is becoming more and more important when buying a house or apartment. How do we define risk? Risk is defined as ‘a situation involving exposure to danger’. In real estate, this is the difference between an investment being a financial (or mental) burden or one that positively [...]

Investment properties: Don’t Hope. Know.

 The purpose of this video is to distribute the message of Investinproperties and also to emphasis the simplicity and the logic that we put in real property investing. The is no real SECRET, and I don't hold a CRYSTAL BALL either. However, the philosophy is to know what you are doing and do it [...]

If Only We’ve had a Crystal Ball in Opportunistic Market

COVID-19 impacted the economy and people's state of mind. We always discuss the property wealth path and the portfolio approach to protect our retirement, but more. So, what's happened? People forgot their dreams and goals in terms of wealth and properties, and although we are in the opportunistic market, we still do not dare to [...]

The Opportunity in Contraction

In 2008, the world experienced the start of a significant contraction (GFC), led by the collapse of the housing market, extending to bank collapses in the United States and Europe. This contraction resulted in bank failures, bankruptcies, foreclosures, and the subsequent failure of entire industries. While I would prefer to experience economic expansion, of course, [...]

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