We are investors that walk on the wealth path. This path is not a straightforward way or convenience, but we do it to achieve a better outcome for future life security. We should not forget that our family and especially our kids, must follow the same vital wealth principals too.

Below you can find five lessons I’m trying to teach my children, and you should be teaching your kids about them too:



Teach your kids that they can do anything. It’s one of the most important things you can ever do as a parent. Remember, all accomplishments start with the BELIEF that they can be done.

Now, look at your property portfolio and remember your first step into the property market years ago. With little money pay down, low income, and without your parents’ help, you entered the property market and managed to expand it beyond your imagination. You can do anything!



The worst thing kids can do is to give up on their dreams. Check what the most influential leaders on earth say; if you give up on your goals and your dreams, you’ll give up on ANYTHING.

Dreams are the end goals that will justify your actions regularly.



Too many of us think we will never be part of a business. This isn’t true. You are a business. If you purchased Real-Estate, you got yourself a new business unit, and you are responsible for taking this business forward; you add value, you increase rent, you cut expenses and utilise equity gain to expand the business. Everybody has a business, everybody is a unique brand, and whatever company you work for, and even if you are not working yet, you always have a unique ability to bring value and revenue.


Lesson #4: NO EXCUSES

I don’t know if I can think of a WORSE habit a kid can have than to make excuses. This bad habit will only get worse in adulthood. The bottom line is you can either go through life, making excuses or creating abundance. Always take responsibility for your actions and learn from them. The more you fail, the more you succeed, therefore no room for excuses.



Perhaps most important of all, I want to teach my kids to go through life without negativity. How much brighter would your day be if you only stay positive? Every action you make today come from a reason. You might have a mistake on the way or disappointment from something or someone, then just learn from it, but eventually, all those small challenges or actions will translate into success. So, keep the negativity out. It won’t help any of us anyway.

Continue to teach your kids these essential principles to have massive achievements in life in whatever they do and wherever they go!