2017 investment property advice

You must’ve heard about the “Australian property bubble.” The noise about how Australian property is significantly overpriced, and due for a correction is practically everywhere.

The constant speculation that follows it—about whether we’re in a bubble or not—has created an atmosphere of uncertainty.

Now more than ever, buyers have to be astute when seeking property investment advice. Investors need solid information to act on in what has turned into a complex investment environment.

Here, in no particular order, is a selection of the best 2017 investment property advice that’s supposed to guide you. If you want to know where the investment opportunities are in Australia or learn how to invest in property in 2017, these pieces should be your starting point.


Where to Invest in Australia: Regional or Metropolitan Areas?

Ask just about any property investor to tell you the three most important things to look out for in a property, and you’re likely to hear: “location, location, location.”

That is the most important decision you’re going to make when buying an investment property.

You could be looking for an area with a high growth potential or simply a good location based on your personal preferences. This could be in an inner city suburb, or further afield in a regional township. Whatever it might be there’s one question you’ll always ask yourself:  where is it best to invest? Find out here.


5 Boom Suburbs for 2017

Property market predictions for this year are starting to flood in – and there are five suburbs where prices could soar.

John McGrath, founder of McGrath Estate Agents has identified his top picks for 2017, with five of these suburbs located in Sydney, dismissing claims that Australia’s two largest cities are in trouble.

“People ask me if I think Sydney and Melbourne are overvalued off the recent cycle uplift. But my honest view is that Sydney and Melbourne are the ‘New Yorks of Australia’ and will be in huge demand as far into the distance as I can possibly see,” he said. Read more


Predicted Locations to Buy Property in Australia Early 2017

Whether you’re buying a property for your family or for investment purposes, it pays to do plenty of research before you sign on the dotted line. Buying smart means you’re more likely to end up with better capital growth over time and higher growth in rental yields. So what are the top property suburbs and regions in Australia that you should be buying into? See more….


Top 10 Sydney Suburbs for 2017

The 10 suburbs in one major capital city which investors should be watching in 2017 have been revealed.

Douglas Driscoll, CEO of real estate agency Starr Partners has compiled the list which he says will provide property buyers and owners “with insights into the suburbs that will boom – or in some cases, continue to boom – in 2017. Mr Driscoll’s top property picks for 2017, including his rationale, are below. Click here to read the full post.


Where Will Prices Go? Australian Property Predictions for 2017

When I predicted the direction of the property market in 2015, my expectations were largely on the money, although I was a little conservative in some of my forecasts – most markets met or exceeded my expectations for growth in 2016, partly thanks to the two RBA rate drops.

Looking ahead to this year, I’d expect to see further growth overall in the Australian property market. In this blog I’ve laid out my predictions for four major markets in 2017: Read the full post.


Southeast Queensland’s Best Suburbs for Capital Growth

Brisbane is tipped to have the strongest property price growth during 2017, with inner city suburbs leading the charge.

The latest NAB Residential Property Survey predicts Brisbane will experience property price growth of about 3 per cent this year, well above the national average of 1 per cent.

The report also surveyed industry professionals about what they thought would happen in the market and they believed Queensland would lead the country for capital growth in the next one to two years.


To find out about where our in-house research believes are the top 9 suburbs for unit growth in 2017 and beyond, click the image below to download your free report.